Covid-19 Guidance


The ongoing situation regarding the Corona virus has significantly impacted research. The nature of the impact is evolving and changing over time. This page contains the latest information for our researcher and development community and will be updated as required. This page contains the latest guidelines.

  • Staff are working full-time in the office and is available on the regular telephone number or email addresses.
  • Managerial matters: Professor Hettie Schönfeldt write to
  • Administerial matters: Ina Goosen on:
  • Website or technical: Wilna Loxley-Ford on
  • All other issues contact the RMRDSA office: 012 348 6649 or 012 361 2333

Applications for funding 2020 and 2021

All applications for 2020 have been processed. The usual procedures were followed to evaluate and recommend projects. All applications were received on-line and processed by the administration office. The working groups and planning committees met virtually when required and completed assessments of proposals as well as progress and final reports. Researchers who applied for funding for new projects were notified, the contracts and agreements have been drawn up and is signed, so that funding may be released. Unsuccessful applicants have been informed via email of the outcome.

Extensions and delays due to COVID-19

It is expected that some researchers may not have been able to continue or complete their research due to the impact of the pandemic. It is essential to apply for extension when a project is delayed and deadlines for progress reports and/or a final report cannot be met. The Planning Committee has implemented a new process whereby the researcher can apply for an extension. This is a formal process, see below.

Interim progress report

From 1 October 2020 an Interim progress report needs to be completed to request an extension. Therefore, to apply for an extension, whether it is a progress report or a final report which cannot be completed, a new process needs to be followed. The Interim progress report requires exactly the same information as a regular progress report, but additional motivation needs to be provided for requiring the extension. An additional form signed by the Head of Department needs to be completed and signed off.

This approval form must be submitted on-line with the Interim progress report. Please note that the Program Working Group will decide on the number of extensions allowed for each individual project. Final payments or the year’s payment will not be released until the researcher has achieved the objectives for that year or completed the project as appropriate.


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