Final Report

You must submit a FINAL Progress Report at the end of the project. This will conclude the project and complete the Agreement and/or Contract between RMRDSA and your Research Organisation. This could be at the end of the first, second or third year depending on the length of your project.  Normally this will be at the end of the THIRD YEAR since most projects run for three years.

To read more about the Process of applying for Funds and the life cycle of a project, download the Application for funding guide.

If you wish to complete a FINAL Progress Report and you want to compete a Word copy fist, download from the link below.

The sections within a FINAL Progress Report are as follows:

Section 1: Identification of the Project – Short Title, Full Title, Pork or Cattle and Small Stock, Component and Outcome number, planned start date, length of the project and so forth. The same as each year

Section 2: Personnel and Team Members – Complete as required

Section 3: Project Motivation – The aims of the project need to be stated especially if they have changed during the year

Section 4: Finances – Provide any information about finance obtained from other sources

Section 5: Evaluation and Feedback

Specify outputs achieved for the project,  typical outputs are:
1. Saleable products/services/consultancies
2. Technology Transfer occasions
3. Reports to industry
4. Popular articles and media
5. Scientific articles
6. Theses
7. Conferences, symposia
8. Literature reviews
9. Other
ADDENDUMS: attach all the required documents

Please note the above details is not a complete list of what is required, it is to give you an idea of the information required in each section.

Download a copy of the 2021 Final Report Form

Download a copy of the Final Report Guide

If you are ready and wish to complete the FINAL Progress Report, go to this page.

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