Proposals: 10 JUNE 2020
Progress reports: 11 JUNE 2020
Final and comprehensive reports including popular articles: 12 JUNE 2020

Complete forms on-line and submit. Remember to register first. If you are registered please log in.

Projects still follow the same procedure, i.e. firstly you complete a Proposal and submit to RMRD SA Admin Office  via this system. A successful submission will be followed by an email to notify you that your form has been received, with a copy of your proposal attached. You still have to wait to hear from the RMRD SA admin office if your proposal has been accepted by the relevant Planning Committee. Find the dates of these important Planning Committee Meetings at the bottom of this page.

If you are successful and your Proposal is accepted we will enter into a Contract with you via your Research Institution and the Project can commence. Funding will be released annually to your Research Institution for your project according to the contract terms and conditions.

Progress Reports are to be submitted annually with a final report to follow at the end. Final payment is released on completion of all the requisites.

We wish you all the best with the application process.