RMRD SA Research

The RMRDT and RMRD SA have funded a multitude of projects since the early nineties.

All projects completed under the auspices of RMRD SA are available. RESEARCH results are published online and is completely searchable and available for reference. Click here to start your search…

The projects funded and completed by RMRD SA and RMRDT reached 130 in 2020, new projects initiated during 2020 are 13, and there are several more 42 projects in progress.  This is a proud history and achievement for RED MEAT RESEARCH and is truly GOOD NEWS for the Red Meat Industry.

The number of projects completed are as follows:

To obtain Executive Summaries about individual projects CLICK HERE…

Project Lists for download:

If you require any additional information on any of the projects mentioned in these lists you are welcome to contact us on any of the numbers or email addresses provided in the footer of this website. Send an email to secretary@rmrdsa.co.za if you require any more information.

Popular articles published are often published in trade magazines. The media most often used for publishing are the Red Meat Magazine, the Landbou weekblad or Farmer’s Weekly. Follow the links below and search on the relevant platform….

Red Meat Digital Magazines

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